A brief list of options appears in the Main Menu. The

most important of these are:

Pilot Roster: Here you can create (or choose) your

pilot for different modes of the game.

Single Mission: Single Mission mode is for missions

that do not anticipate career growth.

Pilot Career: Campaign mode. In this mode, your

hero accomplishes one task after another, keeps his

battle statistics, regularly updates his equipment,

and receives ranks and awards over time. In a word, he fights.

Multiplay: Multiplayer mode.

Quick Mission Builder: Quick generator of random missions.

Full Mission Builder: Mission editor. Just like the Quick Mission Builder, it creates missions, but here the user controls the entire process of creation. It is a more complicated instrument,

but also a more powerful one.

Training: Missions for beginners.

Play Track: IL-2 1946 enables you to create tracks. In other words, everything that you

accomplish during your task is recorded. This menu option allows you to play back these


View Objects: Here you can take a close look at all 3D objects modeled for the game and

find detailed information on the fighting abilities of military equipment.

Controls: Here you can reassign control buttons and create your own configuration.

'Hardware Setup: Here you can adjust the settings pertaining to your hardware. With this'

option, you can optimize your computer’s performance by determining the rate of program

operation versus the detail of the 3D images.

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'Difficulty: Includes various realism-related settings. The level of realism in this flight sim can'

become a problem for beginners. Even fans are divided about this – what some think quite

appropriate is deemed unfair and unrealistic by others.

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'Exit: Quitting the game; sometimes, it is necessary.'

Credits:It would be very nice if you pressed this button at least once, out of curiosity.